The Signature Line is like a mobile arcade that we bring to you! It’s real Arcade fun with all the classics and a few new additions guaranteed to excite!  Here at Amberg Events, we don’t believe in boring corporate events. We want your event attendees to make lasting memories that they’ll talk about for years to come, and we want them to loosen up and have a good time. 

So relax and allow yourself to be young at heart while we take care of everything!

New and classic arcade games for the child in all of us. Enjoy the bleeps, bloops, and flashing lights of lines of digital games, reminiscent of times when all we had to worry about was being home by the time the street lights came on.

Whether you are looking for a few games to spice up your event or a full blown Vegas style casino night, we have you covered! 


Okay, so it’s not Criss Angel, but after booking some of our live entertainers, you’re going to “BELIEVE” that we’ve got some of the best around.

Don’t underestimate the novelty of taking classic games and making them bigger. Making these games gigantic breathes life back into some of our old favorite pastimes. 

Much like the giant games, glow games offer a new take on classics. Playing skeeball will always be fun. But playing skeeball on a glowing lane makes you feel like you’ve been teleported into a battle arena in Tron.

Memories are great, but taking home a memento can solidify those memories in our mind. Our photo attractions provide an endless source of entertainment and provide ways for your group to take home cherished memories of one of the funnest days they’ve had.

Even if you’re not an expert, it’s always fun to test your skills on these classic table games. Join around one of our many selection of tables and play billiards, ping pong, foosball, or bubble hockey! 

From riding a mechanical bull to dipping your hands in wax and watching it dry to form, we have a little something for everyone! Check out some of our unique attractions. 



Use the form below to contact us and tell us a bit about your event. One of our specially trained fun-makers will be in touch shortly!