How to Create a Successful Trade Show Booth

Amberg Events’ Interactive Robot draws in potential customers!

When attending a trade show for your business you may feel lost in a sea of other booths and businesses just trying to get noticed, like you. The key is to stand out in a positive way, attract prospective clients and get the leads you seek. To help eliminate the guessing game, we have compiled a convenient list of effective techniques to help you go against the grain at a trade show and draw in those visitors!

1.) Incentive – Let’s face it, it works. Give people a reason to stop at your booth in the first place. Some people just need that extra reason to walk over to see what you offer. Once they’re at your table, it’s up to you to sell the product! Ideas include snacks, prizes or gift certificates for your services or products.

2.) Prizes – As we mentioned above, prizes are some of the best incentives to attract visitors to your booth. Offer up tickets for a drawing, a guessing game or, the favorite, a prize wheel! Get people excited and interacting in your booth and, ultimately, your services!

3.) Entertainment – People are drawn to the excitement of entertainment. Showing your prospective customers that you truly care about them by providing entertainment for them to enjoy, they’re likely to want to invest in your business. Interacting with customers through entertainment gives your business a personal edge against the competition. Amberg Events has a great selection of proven-effective trade show entertainment that we would love to offer you! Check out your options by clicking here. An interactive robot, trade show magicians, lip readers and more will have your guests laughing and having a great time with you to thank!

4.) Keep the tape rolling – If you haven’t already, you should definitely invest in the benefits of having an informational video about your business. If you have one already, bring this to the trade show and keep a projector or television consistently running the tape. Video is one of the best ways to get your major points across to your potential customers in the most convincing and effective way possible.

5.) Demos – If you’re attending a trade show to showcase a product, it’s imperative to offer demos or a test area where customers can see the effectiveness of your product for themselves. Seeing is believing, so showing people why your product is worth the investment is a fool-proof way of gaining the business you desire.

6.) Brand Marketing – You will want to ensure you leave a mark on your booth visitors as well as those just passing by. Marketing your brand is a fantastic way to leave that lasting impression and gain business and leads even after the trade show is over. Bring large, colorful flyers with your business colors and logos represented throughout. They should be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way. To make the most of the trade show, also bring small flyers or business cards that you can hand out to remind customers that you’re waiting for their business!

With these easy tips and techniques you will, without a doubt, attract potential customers, leave a positive lasting impression and, finally, generate leads for your business! Remember to have your staff appear friendly and engaging as they are representing your business as a whole and, with all these factors aside, customer service can make or break a business. Happy trade showing!