We do all the work. You take all the credit.

Consider your job done

Owned by McShane Enterprises, Amberg events is the premier provider of turnkey, stress-free events. We’ll take your dream event and make it a reality with our professional event planning services. People will think you’re an event planning extraordinaire!  Hosting hundreds of events annually throughout the United States, Amberg Events’ products have been featured on MTV, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, and even on an HBO national tour!

 We’ve helped orchestrate events in 25 states, including The World Series!

Your guests will be blown away - we guarantee it!

Your guests want to be amazed, delighted, and entertained. They are looking for the kind of magic that will transport them from their everyday lives into worlds that can only be created by us. Our goal is to get people out of their busy, stress-filled lives, and into an experience that’s filled with wonder and excitement. We do this by deploying our well trained team of “Fun Makers” into the event sites we create.

Trust us. They do.

Here are just a few companies that have trusted us to handle their events start to finish. 

Digital Catalog & FAQs

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Can you entertain all ages? Our events struggle to engage the older teens, singles, and adults…

This is where we excel the most! All of our events put a real focus on engagement. We want every one of your guests to feel like the event was put on just for them!!!

I’ve just booked my event. What happens next?

An Amberg Events logistics representative will be reaching out to you soon to begin the process of making sure your event goes off without a hitch. Our picnic clients will work closely with our logistics team to make sure every detail is covered so that you can relax on the day of the event!

Can we meet with you to discuss the details of our picnic?

Of Course! We love getting to know the people we do business with and allow your team to meet ours as well. We actively encourage live meetings and would be honored to come to your business to meet with you!

Do you cook onsite?

Yes! All of our fresh food is prepared and cooked on site to ensure that it is fresh, hot, and tasty! We are also home of the FIVE MINUTE OR LESS LINE GUARANTEE!