What Sets Us Apart

We know we are not the only company that offers entertainment. But what we do know is that we are the only one in the region that offers the variety of attractions to guarantee your event is customized to fit your events specific needs.

It's simple. We cater to clientele who demand perfection. People who want to guarantee that we will not only show up on time but over deliver on our promises. We specialize in giving your guests the "Experience". How do we do this?

  • We work with you prior to the event on the logistics and promotion. We offer a HUGE amount of tools to help you promote the big day that include custom flyers, posters, free promo days, and even custom websites that have received RAVE reviews.
  • We make sure that our event team members are educated about your needs and help create a friendly professional atmosphere for the event attendees.
  • We offer many free services at your event such as MC, classic picnic games, welcome centers, event photography, and more that help round out the experience and make your job easier.
  • A follow up program post event that helps you gauge guests reactions and lay the groundwork for next year's event.

When you work with us you get an on time, on budget, over delivered, "Wow Factor" experience that is second to none!

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