Trade Show and Convention Entertainment

Mingle Magicians are booth magnets

Our Interactive Robot draws a crowd wherever it goes!

Lip Print Readers entertain your guests and tell their fortunes while they wait!

Wire art gives your guests a memorable take-home souvenir!

Be the hero of your company and take credit for a non-stop flow of foot traffic directly to your booth while getting the leads and sales you came for. This is our personal gaurantee to you as one of the nation's premier trade show entertainment providers.

The key to using trade show entertainment effectively is to find unique, high-appeal concepts that complement your sales message. Our job is simple, we preovide that unique, top quality entertainment while weaving your product message into our offerings, making for a memorable visit to your booth. All othe while, burning your company brand into their minds.

The only thing you will have to worry about is not upsetting your neighbors because all of the prospects are at YOUR booth, not theirs.

Any entertainment you select should positivley reflect your company's image. We are here to help.

To being let us know your goals, clientele, budget, venue, and company information so we can get started putting together the perfect ideas for you.

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