Things to Consider When Planning a Company Picnic

#1 - Insurance

Does the company you are considering carry Liability as well as workman’s comp. insurance for their workers and event staff? If not, your company is being put at risk. Also make sure that you can be added as additionally insured on the certificate. Amberg does all of this for you at NO additional cost! Beware of people who sub-contract attractions from other suppliers. In most cases, those pieces will not be covered under the rental companies’ insurance plan!

#2 - Large selection and variety for all ages

Look at the inventory of what the company has to offer. Do they have a large list of items to choose from to ensure that your event is customized to fit your guests tastes as well as your budget or are you dealing with a “cookie cutter company” that pushes their limited stock on you in the form of packages? We attend tradeshows and conferences all over the country because we are committed to continually adding to our already huge inventory and making sure that every event is filled with the hottest entertainment from coast to coast.

#3 - Safety

Does the company take safety seriously? Besides insurance coverage for your guests, all of our games and rides are inspected by the state as well as pre-event inspections to make sure that your guests have the time of their lives… safely! We are an industry leader and hold workshops around the country as well as having written several best selling industry books on the subject. When you book an event with us you are in good hands.

#4 - Experience

Can you attend a similar event to the one you are planning? In this way you will be able to see first hand that the company is capable of meeting your needs. Many companies claim to be able to handle “any size or type of event.” We guarantee it. To date we average 1500 events per year in 11 states ranging from 10 people to 100,000!

#5 - Testimonials and References

Ask for references or testimonial letters from satisfied clients of the same type of event. Any reputable company should be able to give you this information upon request. A visit to our office will bring you face to face with a wall full of them.

#6 - Support Staff

It is important that you are taken care of before the event as well as during it. The success of your special day depends on the professionalism and good business sense of the entertainment company. Is the company that you are considering able to handle multi client days and all the upfront legwork to ensure a successful event? At Amberg Events we may handle 1500 events per year but you will think that yours is the only one. We have a full time professional office staff that has only one thing on their mind…you. From the initial consultation, to the event promotion and logistics department and finally to the event coordinator, you will feel treated like royalty and know that your event will be a perfect one.

#7 - Event Promotion

How will the company you are considering help promote your event and help raise attendance levels as well as promote it to all of your guests? When you work with us you get the best! We take great pride in being able to offer you a complete promotion package at NO COST! This includes a personalized Event News flyer and Custom Event Posters.

#8 - Site Survey

Does the company come to your event location and do a check for proper layout, electricity requirements, parking requirements and more? We take every detail of your event seriously and we are always happy to come to your site.

#9 - Tour of Facility and Offices

Can you see first hand the type of operation the company runs? We love to meet our customers face to face and introduce them to our friendly team. A visit to our offices will accomplish that and more. We want you to be totally comfortable with your decision to use our services and we invite you any time to tour our offices as well as warehouse where it all begins!

#10 - Year Round Full Service Company

One of the most important things to consider is this; will I be able to rely on the services of this company for more then just the picnic or yearly festival? At Amberg that answer is a giant YES! We take great pride in working with many of our clientele throughout the year from picnics to sales meetings, holiday parties and more. We want to be your rolodex of entertainment and know that if given the opportunity we will make all of your year round events: Successful, memorable and FUN!

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