Inflatable Safety

What you need to know

It’s important to remember that inflatable bounce houses are actually very safe. In light of a small handful of incidents recently, we found it might be helpful to share some safety tips and facts about inflatable games. 

Some Things to consider: 

Parents and renters should be aware of the three W’s of bounce house safety:  Weather.  Workers.  Warranty. 

  • WEATHER: Weather can be a factor.  When it’s windy, stay off the inflatables.  Improperly staked inflatables are the number one reason they are swept up in the wind.  Look for the 30”-40” metal stakes, not the cheap, small plastic ones. People might wonder when it might be too windy. Most manufactures recommend taking down the inflatables at 20-25 mph. The easy rule of thumb here, and what we tell our workers is to watch if your or others pants are flapping like a flag in the wind. If so, it’s time to be pro-active, not reactive. Amberg Events uses 40” stakes across the board.
  • WORKERS: Bounce houses should have at least one attendant on hand monitoring the capacity, stability, and safety of the bounce house at all times.  If a bounce house is unstaffed, don’t let your child play on it. Would you let them on a roller coaster without an attendant? We can always provide a trained operator to staff every attraction. Not only do they add a friendly attitude, they add the element of safety.
  • WARRANTY: Any qualified inflatable house vendor should have a current copy of his or her insurance policy on hand, and a certified letter of inspection by the state governing body certifying that the inflatables are in good working order and have been assembled and secured properly to code.

Ultimately, safety is a joint responsibility between the inflatable operators and parents. 

Inflatables are not baby sitters anymore then a swimming pool is. You would not let your child play in a pool unsupervised or swim while it’s lightning. Using simple safety guidelines will dramatically reduce the possibility for an incident.

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