Corporate Team Building and “Playshops”

An Interactive Learning ExperienceBoost Morale, increase productivity, open lines of communication and more! Let our group of professionals’ guide you and your team on an amazing journey that will help your group reach the goals you strive for. Every activity is directly tailored to fit your needs and creates the link to how or where this applies to their particular job or business goal.

With our Playshops your team will:

  • Participate in fun and energizing activities that turbo-charge morale, respect and trust.
  • Merge together as a TEAM!
  • Improve networking skills
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Learn to work together to accomplish a common goal
  • Participate and improve brainstorming essentials
  • Grow stronger as individuals while strengthening the team bond.
  • Gain insight on better leadership
  • Have FUN and create lasting memories that WILL improve performance.

The Playshops are created specifically for your groups needs. We don’t bring in a “cookie cutter” presentation. After meeting with you and discussing in detail your objectives, we custom tailor your special day (or days) to create a rewarding and beneficial experience for all who participate. And participate they will!

Each activity will involve every member of your group. All activities are safe and low impact. All exercises are mentally challenging and designed to stimulate the team at several levels. Team members often experience a moment of "process breakdown" and are forced to re-group, double their efforts, and perform a "gap analysis" between "where they are" and "where they want to be" ideally. And because it is built into the design, teams do not always succeed the first time they attempt an activity. Just as in the real working world, teams must overcome their learning curve, and when they do, there is always a great big "ah ha!" at the end of the activity.

Our Playshop experience will involve several different kinds of activities. Some will be physical and some a bit more mentally challenging. Of course, the goal is to create the perfect blend to help your team work towards a common goal which may include; Teambuilding, communications, leadership, strategic planning, system thinking, creative problem solving, networking, stress reduction and conflict management. These goals are accomplished by utilizing some of the following types of activities:

Improv workshops:

A highly interactive and fun Playshop that stresses good communication, trust and support. Your team members will laugh their way into creative leaning concepts and develop great skills along the way. The Playshop focuses on creating a strong network of team-players who not only must trust each other but also give encouragement, assurance, and confidence to each teammate.

Interactive Scavenger Hunt:

Method: Participants must follow clues, find landmarks and proceed to certain geographic coordinates using either a compass and map or written clues to find the hidden “treasure.” Team effort is necessary to integrate the new information necessary and find the “parts that make the whole.” Each team are given cameras and additional “gear” to help them achieve their goal.
Objective: To integrate new information and manage the applications of this information so that it remains valuable to the team.

Invisible Maze:

Method: In the fast paced business world and in this game, team members will face "unknown and unseen mental obstacles". While proceeding blindly with their eyes wide open, the team must depend on its peers to guide them through the invisible perils. The only way to succeed is by listening carefully to team members, stepping out and taking a risk, and seeing the potential solutions in your own mind.

Inflatable Olympics:

Action Centered Training uses a wide variety of inflatable teambuilding props to assist in its Interactive Teambuilding. Whether used as an introduction only, an energizer/warm up, to create competition or as an adjunct to other teambuilding efforts, these safe, exciting, and fun giant inflatable props always add to and improve the learning process. Whether you want Competitions, Olympics, or Tournaments, any combination can be arranged using the following Inflatable and other interactive games:

The above games are used to illustrate good verbal communication and team-oriented goal planning. They are also highly fun and entertaining to watch!

Three-Way Human Checkers:

Description: With the purely competitive goal of wiping out the other team though traditional checker moves, this game of Three Way Checkers adds a tricky twist: the fact that each team can take multiple offensive and defensive moves on the same turn. In perhaps the most rapidly changing game of all, no one ever knows what to expect next. The only way to survive and win is to control your reactions and make spur of the minute decisions and hopefully strategically relevant moves.

Learning outcomes: Integrated leadership fast paced decision making, rapid fire quick proactive thinking, unified team effort, and global cooperation.

Pass the Ball and Pass the Buck:

Description: This rapid fire, fast paced game of passing multiple objects back and forth, up and down the line of team members starts out easy and gets complex very quickly. The sheer number of objects being passed becomes the team’s greatest challenge. And watch out for the competition, if they “drop the ball” it could affect your team’s performance.

Learning outcomes: Handing off responsibilities, two way communication, multi-tasking, balancing between linear sequential and matrix task management, controlling multiple variables, and managing inter-team interactions.

The above activities are just a handful of the options available and will be selected as we have our “discovery session” with you and find out your particular interests and needs. Fees for our services vary greatly depending on what type of program you select. These will range from $2,500 to $9,500 plus travel and lodging if not in one of our offices immediate area.

We look forward to helping you create a wonderful experience for your group and helping build a stronger TEAM!

Please E-mail or contact us at 417-725-1700 or Toll FREE at 1-866-657-1863 for more details on how to get started.


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