Step right up and win yourself a stuffed animal! Welcome to the carnival midway. We bring the fun of the carnival to you (without the sleazy carney workers). There are several ways to create the perfect carnival for you:

  • Individual classic carnival game and game booth rentals (see list below)
  • Our full classic midway package that includes 4-10 carnival game booths, flagging, and of course your choice of our full size games that appeal most to you.

Carnival Game Booths

Our Selection of Carnival Games

Crazy Driver Carnival Game
Crazy Driver
Jester Bean Bag Toss
Jester Bean Bag Toss
Pick-a-Pop Carnival Game
Pick a Pop
Pirate Hula Hoop Toss Carnival Game
Pirate Hula Hoop Toss
Ring a Bottle Carnival Game
Ring a Bottle
Roller Bowler Carnival Game
Roller Bowler
Roller Bowler Carnival Game
Cover the Spot
Tipsey Carnival Game
Wiffle Ball Toss
Wiffle Ball Toss
Stand a Bottle Carnival Game
Stand a Bottle
Pick a Pop Carnival Game
Pick a Pop
Hoop It Carnival Game
Hoop It
Pop a Balloon Carnival Game
Pop a Balloon
Over Under Carnival Game
Over Under
Pig Racing Carnival Game
Pig Racing
Bull Ringer Carnival Game
Bull Ringer

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