Amberg Company Picnic Vs. Theme Park

Why having a company picnic at a Theme Park most often FAILS:

At the Theme Park, your group is mixed in with thousands of tourists and other families, adding to frustration and confusion.

Theme Parks fail to offer that same sense of “togetherness” and morale bonding you get from an Amberg Company Picnic. When you attend one of our picnics, people are able to engage each other, the boss can make announcements and there is a genuine group experience that will be talked about for months after.

Everyone tends to go their separate ways at a Theme Park. Many don’t even show up when they find out that some of the activities required them to spend ‘out-of-pocket’ money, let alone be seen in a swim suit!

People LOVE  take home souvenirs and they cost a LOT of money at a Theme Park. At an Amberg Company Picnic we offer dozens of giveaways that are free for attendees!

Not only is the food greatly overpriced, but the food can be of lower quality than expected for those prices. On those hot summer days, people need to drink, and at a Theme Park staying hydrated is expensive! At an Amberg Company Picnic, we serve free unlimited drinks ALL DAY!

Parents don’t have the option of letting their child run free without feeling safe about them.

Everything is free at the Amberg Company Picnic! Theme Parks may charge for additional attractions and entertainment.

Playing carnival games at a Theme Park not only costs money, but most often result in no prize being won. At an Amberg Company Picnic, everyone wins a prize just for playing, and the games are FREE!

The lines for attractions at a Theme Park can be extremely long due to thousands of tourists. At an Amberg Company Picnic, lines are kept to a minimum by our design of the site that is specifically designed to meet your group’s needs.

An Amberg Company Picnic is custom tailored to meet and exceed your expectations and create great memories and amazing experiences for all ages!