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Amberg Events Entertainment and Party Rental

So there’s a banquet, company picnic, or big corporate party to plan. The stress is building but the bottom line is this needs to be done right to ensure people have fun and the event goes off without a hitch! What to do? Why contact Amberg Events of course! Let us give your customers an AMAZING EXPERIENCE, and make you look like an event planning SUPERHERO in the process!

Our guests want to be amazed, delighted, and entertained. They are looking for the kind of magic that will transport them from their everyday lives into worlds that can only be created by us. Our goal is to sweep people off their feet, out of their busy or stress filled lives, and into experiences filled with wonder and excitement. We do this by deploying our well trained team of “Fun Makers” into the event sites we create.

Let us help take your dream idea for the event and turn it into reality with our professional event planning services. Whether you are planning an event for family, friends or corporate clients, we help make you look like a professional event planner. Amberg Events has specialized in "turn-key" event planning in North Western Arkansas to Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis Missouri areas for years, but we help plan events all over the country every weekend! Just last year we helped orchestrate events in over 20 states, including The World Series in Detroit!

When you book your event with Amberg Events, the sky is the limit. From fun foods and catering, to bounce houses and carnivals, your guests will be fully entertained. As the host, you can relax, mingle and bask in the glory of having thrown the party of the year!

While there may be other entertainment rental and event planning businesses in the area. Amberg Events is the only one that offers an extensive variety of attractions guaranteed to fit the specific needs of your event. When you work with us, you get an on-time, within your budget, experience.

We provide entertainment for company picnics, trade shows, convention events, holiday parties, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, graduations, proms, school and church functions, fall festivals and more! Hosting hundreds of events annually throughout the United States, Amberg Events products have been featured on MTV, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, and even on an HBO national tour!

Contact us today to find out how to take your next event from ordinary to extraordinary!

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